AgroClima LA3.4 - Organic matter in the soil

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Cofinanciamento PRR

AgroClima LA 3.4 aims to quantify carbon sequestration in productive areas with agri-environmental commitments.

Project No. AgroClima (PRR-C05-i03-I-000017) aims to quantify the effect of agri-environmental measures and alternative practices on increasing soil sequestration and reducing GHG emissions. To this end, it has been divided into 2 lines of action: Line of Action 3.3 - Soil fertilisation and Line of Action 3.4 - Organic matter in the soil.

Action Line 3.4 (AgroClima LA3.4) aims to encourage the implementation of agricultural systems, crops and practices that promote the content of organic matter in the soil (carbon sequestration), including increasing the area of improved permanent pasture.

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