Farm Carbon Calculator

Integrated decision support system, based on a user-friendly and intuitive online platform, fully spatially based and with tools for characterisation of agricultural holdings and analysis of environmental performance in terms of Carbon Footprint, based on the principles of Life Cycle Assessment.

The platform applies to the agricultural and agroforestry sector, considering ruminant meat and milk production (cattle and sheep), fodder and pasture, and permanent or temporary crops for animal feed.

Projects / Scientific Research


Terraprima’s projects are based on the results of scientific research.

Environmental Services
Just as farmers sell mutton, veal and milk, they can now also sell a service called carbon sequestration.

Terraprima supports the development and structuring of the projects of its clients in matters related to climate change, soils, agriculture and forests.

Training for farmers and agricultural/environmental consultants is strategic for Terraprima, with the aim of promoting best practices and effective knowledge transfer.

Agricultural and Forestry Production - Quinta da França
Terraprima Agrícola came along in 1994, and has focused its activity on the Quinta da França farm, a property of 500 hectares located in Covilhã.