Environmental Services

Just as farmers sell mutton, veal and milk, they can now also sell a service called carbon sequestration.

Terraprima manages projects that use environmental services to promote agricultural sustainability.  

Two projects are currently being managed in which farmers contribute to carbon sequestration in the soil with a view to achieving the goals set by Portugal under the Kyoto Protocol. For this reason, the Portuguese Carbon Fund remunerates them on the basis of the number of tonnes of carbon sequestered, and subsequently the farmers are paid in proportion to the area of land dedicated to agricultural practices that leverage this environmental service.

One project promotes carbon sequestration in soil through Sown Biodiverse Pastures. The second has the same objective, but involves land clearing. Carbon sequestration in soil is promoted by remuneration to farmers who opt for mechanical methods that do not turn the soil. Both contribute with other environmental services, most related to the benefits associated with an increase in the organic matter in soil.