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Environmental Services
Agricultural and Forestry Production
Consulting and Coaching
Former staff

Tiago Domingos


Oriana Rodrigues

Sown Biodiverse Pasture Project manager
Financial, administrative and human resource manager

Ivo Gama

Information systems manager

Nuno Rodrigues

Assistant Sown Biodiverse Pastures Project Manager

Sara Manso

Assistant manager of the Project Shrub Control

Gonçalo M. Marques

Consultant, Ecotoxicology and Ecological modelling

Jorge Palma

IT Manager, web developer

Francisco Amaro

Managing partner

Rosa Amaro

Administrative manager

Sílvia Bernardino

Manager sheep sector

Ricardo da Silva Vieira

Consultant, Environment, Energy and Climate Change

Paulo Canaveira

International Senior Consultant Climate Change, Forests and Land Use

Tatiana Valada

R&D project manager

Helena Martins

Manager of the Project Shrub Control
Communication and R&D manager

Miguel Alves

Geographical information systems manager