GEEBovMit - LA 3.4 - GHG-reducing pastures

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The main objective of GEEBovMit LA 3.4 is to demonstrate that the composition and proportion of botanical genera (legumes/grasses) present in pastures influences the Carbon Balance (CB) and to define which persistent and highly productive grassland mixtures will improve this balance.

The GEEMovMit Project (PRR-C05-i03-I-000027) aims to study feeding strategies for the different stages of the beef cattle production cycle in order to reduce the environmental impact of production systems by integrating the factors that affect the carbon balance (CB) of beef cattle production systems (soil-plant-animal). The actions to be carried out can be divided into three main groups of actions which include: grazing and extensive grazing, the production of fodder as a food supplement and the use of organic additives in the diets of fattening steers to reduce methane (CH4) emissions. To this end, the project was divided into 2 lines of action: Line of Action 3.1 - Natural additives for steers and Line of Action 3.4 - GHG-reducing pastures.

The aim of Action Line 3.4 is to install different grassland mixtures (in the legume/grass ratio), created according to the characteristics of each site, which will make it possible to obtain data on biomass production, stocking rates, persistence of plant species, evolution of organic matter levels and the retention and emission of GHGs (CO2, CH4, N2O) in the soil.

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