The Land Sector in the UNFCCC Climate Negotiations

A training session organised by Terraprima and INPE for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Changes Negotiators

The objective of the session was to provide UNFCCC negotiators from non-Annex 1 countries with an overview of the different land related reporting and accounting systems that currently exist under the UNFCCC, which have a relation with the land sector, notably LULUCF, REDD+ and Agriculture.


The land sector is important from both mitigation and adaptation contexts under the UNFCCC. However, past negotiations have shown that it is also a challenging sector to develop reporting and accounting rules.


The proposed training session provided an understanding of the current reporting and accounting procedures in land use sector under the UNFCCC and help advance the current and future negotiations on the sector.


The Training Session took place in São Paulo (Brazil) from the 12th to the 14th of March 2014. 

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