Quinta da França

An estate of 500 hectares located in Covilhã that has been a pilot-farm for sustainable agricultural practices

The area is spread over forest, farmland and pastures. It is flanked by the river Zêzere and the Ribeira de Caria stream. This estate is composed of diverse and attractive landscape, suitable for multiple services.

Livestock production is of particular importance, with extensive cattle and semi-extensive sheep systems. As a complement to this, agricultural land is dominated by cornfields and pasture.

In the wooded areas oak (Pyrenean oak) dominates, with small clumps of hardwoods and softwoods. Patches of maritime pine and riparian corridors complete the landscape mosaic.


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Pasture and riparian corridor
The production of beef is made in an extensive way
Vegetation layers in the riparian corridor
Road network
Meteorological station in Quinta da França
Oakland during winter